Baby in a suit unicorns amigurumi

Greetings to all  

who have come in. Another little girl has gotten in touch with me, almost a inch with a  small Rostik of just 10 cm. It fits on the palm of your hand. Connected by MK Maria Gavrilova.

Dendy yarn from Kamteks 100% cotton, 50 g / 330 m. Hook No. 1.0 and No. 0.85 
This yarn became my favorite for knitting pupae It  knits easily and lays down evenly.

Here is such a baby naked in the beginning:

A little patience and now this:

With hair, as usual, had to tinker. Not without jambs - it's not so easy to trim such a hair, especially if you are not very good at it ((It turned out dumb and in clumps, I had to carry the girl to the hairdresser and ask for correction if possible. It turned out very well.

And then it took several days to fit . this baby suit turned out not the first time I really wanted to do as usual removable clothes, but alas - the size is too small, had to make Tselikov..

Well, she's my baby:


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