Bonnimania Amigurumi

Good day to all! 
So I could not resist, so as not to tie Bonnichek!  I looked at everything, looked at them and did not dare to connect everything. And then I saw Bonnichka owlet and that's it, I disappeared. Online passes here. 
I started to knit, and my husband says, then you need a few of them.  And at that time, online on Bonnie-angel from Alice Demitzka and on-line on Bonnie-laf from Anastasia Kartushina. Well, the process has begun. Immediately knitting three bonnichek simultaneously. And this is how I got these three Bonnichki. The truth was that I made my changes in Lala, I wanted the dummy to be inserted and not glued, and I tied it up and not bought it at the pharmacy, it was too lazy to go after it.But the owl most like it, such a cute fluffy. I combed it with Pukhoderka. 
All Bonnichki are connected from a children's pahorka novelty, a hook 3, they turned out to be 26 cm in height.
Well, here are my kids.  


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