Doll Einstein Crochet

Hello, dear needlewomen! It so happened that I had to tie the doll in a very short time. And I do not knit dolls. This is a new direction for me. I knit little fluffy cats, dogs. And the doll had to be tied up for the man "nerd." There was no time to develop my toy, it remained to find an uk in the internet. I was incredibly lucky — I stumbled upon a wonderful uk with a video on knitting an Einstein doll. The master class is in English, but in combination with the video it is quite understandable. Of course, I made a lot of shoals, I had to tinker, many new moments. Suddenly I liked to knit a doll. I hope that this doll will be the first and not the only one. In height, Einstein was more than 25 cm.


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