Orange bunny amigurumi

Finally it was my turn to congratulate our wonderful group on their birthday!

Our group is one of the reasons why I once came to the Country of Moms, came and stayed.
Therefore, I would like to wish the group further development and delight us, our participants, with new ideas, online and flash mobs.  

My task for a flash mob is a toy in your favorite color. 
It so well coincided that for many years I love orange and recently tied a hare to Zlata from Tatyana Makarova in an orange dress. 

The bunny settled down with my nephew, they adore her there, feed her, put her to bed and even bathed her

I am very glad that I was able to take part in the congratulations, I read all the posts with interest, I already had a bunch of options for 
toys for the future, I just had to find time.

Happy Birthday again!!!


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