Amigurumi Deer Crochet

A bedtime story! How do you want to wake up in the morning, get on the train and rush through a blizzard, snowfall is unknown where, in the exciting distance under the sound of wheels. Cute deer, they also want adventure. Amazing amigurumi phenomenon ! These small humanoid animals are loved by everyone, both children and adults, they live in our homes, cars, on office desks, in children's pockets and pockets of business suits, in bags, purses, cosmetic bags and backpacks. They are our talismans, charms, cute tokens, made with love for their loved ones ... Everything, the tale is over, the dog is walking, coffee is drunk and scratched to work. But after work, you have strings and hooks and now a new being is born with love. And somewhere the wheels knock and knock, and the train rushes and rushes


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