Amigurumi Crochet Toys

It's time to get out your # AM_Nemonally Get Out
These two toys have lain in my box for more than 4 months. They lay there, acting on my nerves, making me feel like a very bad girl, violating her own principle “To finish the job”. 
But it just so happened that the plane and Kapitoshka meant for the small # Nephrol began to get tied up before it was born. And this is a bad omen, I told myself and purposefully put them aside. 
But today is their day, our boy will very soon receive them in And over time, he will appreciate trying the Kapitoshka on the tooth and the thunder of the plane on the nerves of his parents. 
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Especially for the Begovaz AntiMarathon project Amigurumi and not only


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