Amigurumi Squirrel

Want to crochet a squirrel? I offer my variation of the description of a cute squirrel from a Japanese magazine. The ears are completely redone, in the legs, head and torso, knitting with the observance of the rows is mostly replaced by spiral knitting. For the rest, I tried to adhere to the scheme, as far as I could disassemble it.

You should be able to do:
• air loops (v. P.) 
• connecting columns (p. 
P. ) • bollards without nakida (Art. B. n.) 
• gains (etc.) 
• cuts (kill) 
• elongated loop / elongated column (ext. p.) - render several times in detail. 

For work, you will need:
• orange and white yarn (I have Semyonovskaya Tenderness, but she keeps the stretched loops poorly - too slippery. I regretted not taking my favorite YarnArt Etamin), 
• suitable hook to the yarn (I have number 1), 
• synthetic winterizer for packings, 
• a pair of peepholes with a diameter of 6-8mm, 
• an embroidery needle, 
• black yarn for a spout, 
• scissors, 
• a wand for stuffing.


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