Pupae Doll

Good day to all!  
I want to show you my latest dolls. 
The doll Judith, who is in the hood, is connected according to Helen Kraft's translation (Lena Nikitina) 
My girlfriend called her Gerda, and on the recommendations of the inhabitants of the hut, I also tied her a muff to her. The sprout turned out to be 33 cm. 
And the little doll, it is 22 cm tall - this is the Princess Amazon, which is related by translation from Chinese Mayer Lyubov. I wanted to make an elf from it, but something didn't work out with my ears.
Sometimes it is very difficult to create an image or just a pretty face, dolls are fond of recently. Of course, not everything works, you judge, but I try. And the image and character of the doll depends a lot: both the face, and the clothes, and the hairstyle. I changed my hair in a little one, and she began to look quite different. A cat and a difficult thing, but very exciting. 
The animal is sometimes easier to link than to create an image of a doll, a troublesome thing. 
Well, some photos


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