Amigurumi puppies

My dear Needlewomen! I offer you my author's Master Class on Crochet Puppy-Paws 😍
✨Description in PDF format. 
✨This MK does not contain knitting lessons. 
✨Required materials: 
* Himalaya dolphin baby yarn or YarnArt dolce (less than a skein) 
* Hook No. 4 
* Filling (holofiber) 
* Beads (eyes) 
* Needle for stitching, scissors 
* Reinforced thread or thin yarn for sewing parts 
When using these materials, the size of the finished toy is ~ 19 -21 cm 
✨Regarding the acquisition of MK, contact me only. To ❗ 
✨pay for MK, write to me at PM ✉( https://vk.com/zefirkaroom ) 
✨After receiving the payment, MK will be sent to you via email or VK (within 24 hours) 
✨Cost Master -Class - 100 rubles. 
⚠ATTENTION!!! I answer all questions and only accept my payment, Olga Filippova! I have no helpers! BEWARE OF SCAMMERS❗
PS These are the little ones that 😍turned out at Olya Alekseeva (Kuznetsova) 

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