Bonnie the Bee flew away to a new mistress

Hello dear countriesmochiochki! In July and August of this year I was seized with bonniemania. I saw online toys of Bonnie in different suits and disappeared. The first in the costume of Minnie Mouse tied online in the Mega-line at VKontakte group. Post about it here 
During this time I have imposed three more, I will gradually submit them to your court. Today I wanted to show Bonnie in a bee costume. 
Related to the author's master class Havva Unlu (Designs). It is freely available on the Internet here, or you can download it here 
Pekhorka yarn Children's caprice (50% merino wool, 50% fiber, 225m / 50gr.)
Used colors 12 - yolk, 02 - black. 442 - natural (head), 01 - white (wings). 
Hook number 2. The doll turned out to be 25 cm tall and already "flew away" to its new owner for permanent residence in Germany, as soon as I had time to take a photo. In my family, everyone liked Bonechka, let her please her new owner.


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