Amigurumi Little Deer

Thanks to all who responded to my poll and for your Mnenie💕!

Since most voted for the MK on the helium, I am happy to announce that the Master class is ready and waiting for Vas👇🏻, as always in PDF format and completely FREE!
Also all Mk is in the albums of the group in the form of a photo. Save As you prefer. 

All who wanted, knit with Udovolstviem😉.
All who do not want, can move on, in search of a better ✌.

As always we prepare the handles-hooks,
Yarn and good mood.

Of the above materials, the leg is 15 cm without a cap and he is so plump enough.
The choice of color, as well as to make glasses-not to do, depends solely on your desire and taste! 

I will be glad to see your works in the band album or Kommentarijah😊!


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