Amigurumi Teddy Bear

Teddy bear Knitted. Crafterpeople Knit online. 
Author of the Inspirer Asya Koroviev 
Written by online: Maria Ustjushkina 

Description of Knitting: 

Required Materials: 
1. Yarn ALIZE Softy, color 119 (grey sky), I had enough of one Hank 
2. ALIZE Softy Yarn, 55 color (white), for muzzle 
3. Yarn YarnArt JEANS Yarn, 33 color (blue) for sewing of shovers and spout 
4. Grey felt for patches 
5. Filler (synthepon, synth or hollofayber) 
6. Hook № 2.5. 
7. Beads for eyes (I have about 5 mm) 
8. Long needle, for thread fastening


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