A terrible tale with a happy ending

In the grass sat a mosquito 
Straight like a balloon 
Straight like a balloon 
Green he was 
And suddenly a frog came 
Voracious abdomen, 
Voracious abdomen
And I ate a mosquito. I 
wanted to eat it more precisely, but I didn’t calculate the dimensions and maliciously broke off.

So there will be no horror stories.  
Mosquito walks gogol, teasing a frog.  
The frog is hungry, thinks, as it were, to spread its mouth across the shirsh and to eat the mosquito.  
In short everything is in business, and Medvedev has imposed himself on the board and his paws are folded. 
Let them understand who will eat whom.

For those who do not know. 
Komar was the result of the notions of two small, but terribly shilopop girls. 
Medved saw, he brazenly misunderstood the idea, quickly connected.  
Komara Medved sold for rabid tyshshy into slavery and did not share the money with anyone.  
The toad has not yet been driven by a speculative price, for it stifles Bear and may be useful in the economy.

MKA Komara - the fruit of my brain quirks.
I sell for 2 million so ladies do not crowd, in turn, turn. 
Hook number 1, thread - some kind of wild, but symmetrical acrylic.

The frog (the toad which) is obtained by twisting two MKa perversally, for I liked to knit the body one by one, and the bread slicer from the other. 
(Head of MCA - frog-wah, catch the fly (from Tanyuski), body / legs - for ICA Frog Gentleman (author - Katerina Bogatka) 
I beg to love and favor, but you can not complain, and complain kudoY be on cruelty to beasts .


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