Crochet Pig Photo Frame

Good day to all!

I am again with my novelty. I liked photo frames from unicorns from a foreign site. I decided to develop the idea and turn the unicorn into a pig.  

It turned out quite well. But when she put in a photo of the baby on trial, she was stunned !!! Immediately such beauty turned out.  

Moreover, the most difficult thing turned out to be not to bind, but to print a photo of a desired size on photo paper. Here I am not a master.  But then I found a cool way to scale. I inserted a photo into the Word document, and there is a ticker there - it was oriented on it (from the fifth time  ).

But enough about the problems, we look at the result:
I shot this master class in sufficient detail. I think that even a beginner should cope with such a souvenir for the new year. 

You should be able to do:
• Air loop (VP) 
• connecting bars (SS) 
• pillars, without sc (st.b.n.) 
• rear wall of the loop (ESP) 
• gain (ave.) 
• ubavki (. K)

needed to operate:
. hook 1.75 mm 
. pink and brown yarn under the hook (from my residues 10 columns equal to 4.1 cm in the row) 
. synthetic winterizer 
. weight material - pebbles or glass beads 
. thick cardboard 
. compass 
. scissors 
. Gypsy needle 
. plastic bottle from forfeits 0.5 l.

All light loops!

Feel free to leave comments and ask questions - I will be happy to answer them.

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