Amigurumi Russian Blue Cat

It is a knitting toy of the Russian nobleman Russian Blue, famous for silk velvet feels good coat! (^ ー ゚) ノ Since 

there was no thing as stated in the image on the market, the emerald green eyes, the dull nose and the slender legs that are difficult to stand as it is, the mouth of the Russian smile like smiling , I devised variously and processed it. At the same time, I also aimed for realism and cuteness (^ o ^) / 

Removable brass pearl rose bell complements the chest (* ^. ^ *) 

[Material] The 
main body is polyester and acrylic wool yarn. I used a polyester that does not emit dust scratches. I use felt on the inside of the ear and artificial leather on the meat ball. 

About 27.5 cm in height × about 11 cm in width × depth of about 37 cm (tail) It is a 

handmade original work. 

Unlike ordinary hard stuffed braids we knit softly, so we can change the position of the tail, the neck, the angle of the ear etc somewhat. Please give your cute shape to your liking. 

Only one in the world! Why do not you make custom made Aimiguri such as your dog, cat, character etc? 
PA ☆ PY also accepts orders made works. If you can prepare photographs etc., we will produce works that closely resemble the real atmosphere! 


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